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Thread: Is it this time that they have gone to far? just asking

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    Re: Is it this time that they have gone to far? just asking

    Quote Originally Posted by delmarjohn View Post
    this time everyone even non Disney people are talking about this increase....bad press...
    You're right about that. My sister asked me about it last night. She's never been and may never go but she saw a news story and couldn't believe the increase.

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    Re: Is it this time that they have gone to far? just asking

    I wonder how this is going to hit attendance in the park...
    Countdown - not soon enough!

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    Re: Is it this time that they have gone to far? just asking

    I don't buy them, but it seems pricey to me
    It all started with a Mouse!

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    Re: Is it this time that they have gone to far? just asking

    failed to mention that if you thought the price increase for WDW was big ...DLR premium went from 749 to 1049 that is a sizeable increase in one fell swoop...
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    Re: Is it this time that they have gone to far? just asking

    I remember saying I would never pay $1.00 for a gallon of gas.

    I'll keep paying them and they know that.
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