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Thread: We need more points

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    We need more points

    I just wish I had the money to buy more right now. We bought 200 points years ago and it seemed like enough until we fell in love with one bedrooms a few years ago. The last three summers we've split our stays between a studio and a one bedroom and it's working, I just wish we had enough for a one bedroom for the whole trip.

    However, I do like that we're splitting our time between two resorts. I just booked our next trip and we're staying 5 nights at Bay Lake Tower in a studio and the rest of the trip were at Beach Club in a one bedroom.

    Now I just need to throw a schedule together so we can make ADRs in a few weeks. Trip planning gets me through the winter.

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    Re: We need more points

    We just came back from a trip. 7 nights at BLT and 4 nights at BCV. After we checked out of BLT, we went over to BCV. Just sitting around, I look on my tablet and see "start checkin for 1 bedroom" Instant panic....noooooo, I booked a studio, I'm thinking points would be borrowed, messing up future plans.... I go to CM.....It turned out we got an upgrade. I asked three times, with no change of points???? Nope. They didn't give us a reason, just it happens sometimes. So during that 4 days I checked our account many times, expecting to see some mess up. Everything seems in order. But anyway. DH kept saying this is really nice. I also am saying wow, this and that space is so nice. Now we live in a single home with just the two of us, it's not like we never get to be alone. It was so nice, but of course it's almost twice the points. I don't think we'll ever see that happen again.

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