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Thread: Points Available

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    Points Available

    Long time member here and have rented to many of the members here over the years.

    Almost ALWAYS have points available.

    I have a merchant account for payment which protects all parties and reservations are refundable with conditions clearly stated in rental agreement.

    Email me directly

    I REALLY miss the old DC/MB.
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    Re: Points Available

    I'm looking for SSR for June 22 to July 1. I need 138 points. I've never rented points so I'm not completely sure how to do this.
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    Re: Points Available

    There are units available for those dates. Std view studios are 138 points. Cost is $1794 or right at $199 a night vs WDW price of $371 per night. The only difference is you don't get your beds made every day. (Trash and towel service half way through week then full clean at 7/8 day.) And if you really want to have daily room service it's available and it would still be a lot cheaper than Disney's rate.

    Magical Express is available at no cost and Dining plan is also available at member cost.

    Preferred view (main pool area or water view I think) is also available for 165 points.

    I send you a rental agreement which you fill out and fax or email back. Payment is due when reservation is made.

    EMAIL me at and I'll send you the rental agreement. It spells out all of the important info including refunds for cancellation.

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    Re: Points Available

    Just wanted to add, I've rented many times from Richard with no issues.

    Although naming my first grandchild after him, did seem unusual.

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    Re: Points Available

    Hey there,
    I know this is an old post but I remember you had several contracts and some mad skills with DVC info :) I am looking for advice on buying if you are willing to share any tips or strategies? I am looking for a small AKL contract 50-80 points and am having a heck of a time getting one. Wondering if there is anywhere else I can look or any leads you may have? Hoping if I put the word out enough maybe I will stumble on a hidden one.
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    Re: Points Available

    Jennifer, for small contracts, its best to just go direct. From what I read on DVC chat rooms, resale is priced close to direct prices because so few and far between demand. Then the closing costs for resale are more expensive than direct. So when all said and done, you will be paying close to the same for either and with direct, it will be a much quicker transaction and you'll have all the member perks (which resale purchases don't qualify for.)
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