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    Is Disney Quest still open?
    If so how much is it to get in or is it still part of water parks and more option?
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    Re: Disneyquest

    Disney Quest was open in December when we were there (we did NOT to go in), and according My Disney Experience, it is still open. Have no idea on the cost
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    Re: Disneyquest

    I sure hope it's still open. Our family usually hits it up one evening. If you check in around 7:00PM, you can get a discounted rate. I believe it closes at 10:00PM. Three hours is plenty to hit all of your favorite games and experiences. Then you can head across the road and hit the House of Blues outdoor lounge and enjoy a few adult beverages.

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    Re: Disneyquest

    DisneyQuest is closing in July. I read the announcement on a FB group membership.
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