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Thread: All Star Movie Food Court

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    All Star Movie Food Court

    I am curious what served at the food court? Is breakfast , lunch , dinner served there or is it more like snacks only ? Due to room we are staying in does not have a small kitchen or small refrigerator. Trying to find ideas to feed the wife and me along with our 7 year old and 4 year old. Maybe something close by to eat at? That is reasonable for a family of four with somewhat little picky eaters.

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    Re: All Star Movie Food Court

    It's a real food court with lots of real food options for breakfast,
    Lunch, and dinner. I believe all the rooms have a small fridge in them now. I haven't stayed at any of the All Star resorts but I think you will find a small fridge to put snacks and some drinks. A half gallon of milk should fit nicely. (You can buy milk in the gift shop.).

    Here's a menu:

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