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Thread: Refillable mugs

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    Refillable mugs

    I have searched but found little new information about the new micro chip refillable mugs. If you buy the mug is the refillable drinks part of the price or do you purchase the mug and pay to be able to use it the time you are there? We are going to be there for the week. What is the price for the week ( mug / refillable price if having a seperate price ). Has anybody used it recently? What is your opinion on being worth the price? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Refillable mugs

    When you purchase the mug it will be activated for use. The refills are free. I believe the mugs are $17.99 for length of stay. The value is dependent on your use. If you plan to be at or eat at your resort several times it's probably worth it. If you hit the parks early and stay all day/evening eating all your meals in the parks then it may not be worth it.

    We usually get one or two mugs for our family of three to share. For us it's probably a good deal since we're at our resort enough to use it two to three times a day. Some resorts are easier to use it than others due to size and location. I try not to drink any soda but when we're at WDW I will allow myself to have a few refills during our stay but my son and husband make up for what I don't drink.

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    Re: Refillable mugs

    he refillable mugs are $17.99, no matter the length of stay, which is a downer if you are only going for a weekend. There is a lockout, which I believe is 4 minutes, so you can not just stand there, gulp it down and refill right away. As long as you are not out of the resort first thing in the morning, and closing the parks, it is generally worth it.
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